How to Create Story Pins

Increase visibility and drive traffic to your website now using Pinterest.

Update: ultimate hack - be sure to include your keywords in the text overlay. Pinterest is picking up on the text so it’ll further optimize your story pin and get more views!!!

Why do you want to use Story Pins?

- Increased visibility: story pins are new(er) and not many people are using them so it's less competition

- Results sooner: no video review process so stories post immediately and get instant visibility

- Engagement: you can have people engage and continue to engage with each of the stories in the story pin — taking up more of their time and increasing their interest in your business

So far, there's only one drawback that I see: you can’t add website to story pin BUT you CAN include it in text overlay 💡 So yes, you can continue to send people to YOUR website.

If you haven't already, I definitely recommend you give them a try!

Quick note on the templates: currently, there are only 3 but once the feature is rolled out, there will be at least 10 templates. Until then, I suggest most people stick with “Something Else.”
Char is already getting results! Not even 8 hours since she posted her first story pin and it already has 4,700 impressions and her account ONLY has 47 followers!!!
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