Pinterest Partners with Vimeo

Pinterest Announces Partnership with Vimeo in August 2020

Remember, we always want to have an intent and purpose. We don't want customers to look, learn and leave. We want them to take action! With action, comes results! Tune into the latest podcast to learn how to use Pinterest for business!

Are you using video in your business?

Good news!

1: Pinterest just announced there are now over 400 MILLION active monthly users. Y'all, it was just 367 not even two months ago!

2: This new growth is coming from millennials, Gen Z and men.

Y'all know we love our videos.

3. Pinterest is making it easier for videos to be discovered. Video views are up 3x and guess what?! Pinners have stated they are 2.6x more likely to buy a product after watching the video.

Now back to this update:

Back in February, Vimeo announced Vimeo Create which helps content creators and business owners edit and create videos. It has a series of editing tools that includes templates, text overlay and other tools to help your videos stand out.

Pinterest and Vimeo just announced their new partnership so Vimeo Create users can easily upload their videos to Pinterest and make them easier to discover.

Here are some tips I'd recommend for making the most of videos:

- Be purposeful: don't just upload a video to say you've uploaded it. Make sure it helps you achieve your goal. Think of the consumer buying journey. This is the first step.

- KISS: keep it short and simple. Because Pinterest is for people discovering new ideas, you have to get their initial buy-in. They won't commit to watching a 20 minute video from someone they've never met. Keep the videos less than a minute: time varies so a video could be as short as 6 seconds IF you're able to properly convey your message and drive them to your site.

- Captions: videos automatically play with the sound muted and most users are usually doing something else such as working or watching TV. They may not be able to hear the sound so use captions and text callouts to make the video easy to follow.

- Branding: always include your branding but keep it classy. It doesn't need to be so large that they can't see the context/photo. Try to stay clear of branding in the bottom right corner. Pinterest's image search feature is located in the bottom right of each pin so users can find similar pins. If you place your logo in the bottom right corner, there's a good chance the Pinterest icon will cover it.

- Thumbnail: though Pinterest allows you to select a thumbnail from the video, I'd recommend uploading a separate thumbnail that includes text overlay (discussed previously).

- CTA: always have a call-to-action. Direct users to your website or landing page to get more information, sign up, subscribe, etc.

- Destination Link: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS include a destination link! Pinterest is in the top 3 sources of referral traffic and it encourages you and users to use website links. Don't just include your website on the thumbnail or text overlay, include it in the destination link so users can easily click on it!

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